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Forty Years of Serving the Community

By Jonathan Giaquinto, Jun 4 2016 09:01PM

Pawns shops have an unfairly mixed reputation. Many people believe pawn shops are places that buy and sell stolen merchandise. Some people think pawn shops are only for those who are struggling with finances. Both of these notions are wrong, says Paul Howes, owner of Crown Jewelers and Pawnbrokers Inc.

Paul Howes was a salesman at a Daytona Beach pawnshop for about fifteen years. He loved the "wheeling and dealing" of the job: the bartering, the buying, the selling. He loved working with customers that walked through the doors and the challenges of learning the broad range of merchandise that came through the doors with them. To this day, Paul believes that everyone should be looking for new ways to challenge themselves to avoid complacency.

A new challenge presented itself to Paul in 1989. After fifteen years of working as a pawnbroker, an opportunity came along for him to purchase and operate a pawn shop of his own. Paul made up his mind and quickly bought the property, and has owned and operated Crown Jewelers and Pawnbrokers ever since.

After forty years of experience in pawnshops, Paul's perspective on the industry has grown. He has found that pawn shops are surprisingly unaffected by the economy. Simply put, when the economy is bad, people go to pawnshops looking for some financial assistance. In more prosperous economic climates, many customers come to Crown Jewelers and Pawnbrokers looking for better prices and unusual items. Lately, TV programs centered around the Pawn industry have given people a renewed interest in local pawn shops. Paul is thrilled that such TV shows are providing an accurate look into the pawn business and changing the reputation of pawn shops. Many people come to Crown Jewelers and Pawnbrokers with curiosity, having watched the TV shows and wondering what the hype is about. Many of these people leave as customers, having found items of interest for discount prices.

Paul Howes knows that pawn shops have an unfair reputation, but he has done everything he can to change that reputation for forty years. He sees his pawn shop as a benefit to the community. People come to him with financial struggles, and he offers help in the form of calateral loans. When people need lower prices than what chain-stores can offer, Crown Jewelers and Pawnbrokers is here to provide discount prices on quality merchandise. Paul Howes has served the community in the pawn industry for over forty years, and is still going strong!

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